Wadi Al Mahjar Natural

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Al-Hayma is a region located on the outskirts of the Governorate of Sana’a. This region is far from green and verdant, being primarily arid, with a harsh climate and high altitude.

Coffee production in Al-Hayma is modest in scale. Some village’s total harvest is of no more than 15 tons of coffee Cherries; yielding only a precious 1.5 tons of coffee beans per year. However, yield is not everything. In the right hands, Al-Hayma quality is supreme. The harvest season in this remote mountainous region is always the last in Yemen, as the cherries require significant time to reach optimal ripeness.

Wadi Al-Mahjar is an area located within the Al Hayma region. It is known for its ancient coffee production. The area stands at an altitude of around 2250 meters above sea level.

The coffee plants in this area receive an average sun exposure of 7 hours per day. Temperatures drop to as low as 6ºC. The area is known for its ancient typica cultivar, which has adapted to the harsh conditions.

Wadi Al-Mahjar has since been featured in Sheba Coffee’s The Gems of Yemen Auction in both 2020 and 2021, placing 1st and 6th in the Al Hayma category respectively.

Sheba Code HY/01/03
Variety Udaini
Process Natural
Lot Type Collective Lot
Altitude 2250 meters above sea level
Village Al Mahjar
Region Al Hayma
Crop Year 2021
Tasting Notes Floral, winey, stone fruit