It's a Long Journey,
But its Absolutely Worth it


Every single Sheba Coffee bean is rare and beautiful; meticulously harvested and overflowing with character.
Quality is our obsession, that’s why we curate every step of the process. We aren’t resellers, we’re farmers, infrastructure builders and coffee lovers. And our adventure begins within the highlands of the Yemeni mountains, before a seed even slips beneath the soil.
Only the ripest, reddest cherries are selected for our single-origin beans, dried locally within our centres under the dazzling Arabian sun. Here’s our story of how they make their way to your cup. 

The Perfect Pick
Farmers visit each tree several times a week and only pick their cherries precisely when they are ready. They are picked from the tree delicately to maintain the quality of the picked fruit, health of the plant and its yield in future seasons. 

Wash and Dry
All our red coffee cherries are cleaned and put in a bath of water to remove floaters, before they are placed on raised drying beds for an average of two to three weeks. A Sinar Bean Pro moisture analyser is used to monitor the moisture content during the drying process. The cherries are moved daily to ensure consistent ventilation on every single one. 

In Transit
When the ideal moisture level is reached (11-12%), we stop the drying phase and place the cherries in hermetic bags to protect them from oxidization, foreign matter and pollution. At this point the beans are still inside the dried cherry to preserve their freshness. They are then transported to our warehouse for a short resting period in a controlled environment.  

Signed, Sealed & Delivered
After resting for one to two months in our warehouse the dried cherries are hulled, pass through a gravity sorter, sieved by sizes, hand sorted several times for defective colours and proportion and finally graded and bagged into different hermetic bags to retain moisture. Our Sheba Coffee beans are exported and placed in vacuum sealed bags ready for you to enjoy. All lots have been cupped and graded by local experienced professionals as well as renowned SCA Q-Graders within Europe. We know that you wouldn't settle for anything less.