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Ali Galeb Al Shawesh

Auction Lot Code: 15

Cupping Score: 89.5 | Sheba Code: HZ/42/22 - Single Producer | Fermentation Code: RB-S

Flavour Profile

Dark chocolate, red currants, yoghurt

Red currants and dark chocolate in the fragrance. Extended fermentation and process characteristics make this a fruit forward coffee with notes of cherry, aloe, red fruit, banana and cocoa. Structured acids hold the coffee together and it has a silky yoghurt like mouth feel that adds finesse.

Lot Size: 56.00 kg - 123.00 LBS

Region: Haraz | Village: Sanaf | Altitude: 1913 masl | Cultivar: Jadi | Drying Days: 35- 40 days

Traceability Information

Situated in the village of Al-Sanaf Haraz, Sana’a Governorate, Ali Ghaleb Al- Shawsh relies heavily on his coffee farm as his principal source of income. Ali is highly receptive to improving farming techniques, such as using the correct quantity of organic fertilisers and adequate irrigation.

Aged 34, Ali first learned to produce fine coffee from his late father, Ghaleb Al- Shawsh. Today, Ali is keeping the lessons learned from his father alive, as, in turn, he passes this wisdom on to his three sons.

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