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Sheba Coffee was established in 2019 with a mission to support and sustain the coffee industry in Yemen by serving as a vehicle for all Yemeni coffee farmers and farming communities.

Today, our network comprises more than 3000 small, family-owned farms, with some covering less than 100 square meters. We have grown into a global team, sharing our heritage across 5 continents, from our offices in the UK, China, UAE, Yemen and Ethiopia.

Company Portfolio


Provide support to farmers unable to access the global
market, so that they receive fair pay for their quality coffee.


For Yemen’s coffee industry to flourish, become self-sustainable
and competitive as part of the wider global market.


Empowering Farmers:

We believe in empowering farmers by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to thrive. By working with farmers directly we ensure fair prices and foster sustainable practices.


Is the cornerstone of Sheba Coffee. We are committed to sourcing and delivering the finest coffees from Yemen. From cultivation and harvesting to careful selection and processing, we maintain stringent quality standards at every step. Our dedication to quality ensures that our customers experience the distinctive flavours, aromas, and richness that make Yemeni coffee unique.


We meticulously trace the journey of our coffees from farm to cup. We ensure that our beans are ethically sourced, free from harmful practices and meet our quality standards. Our commitment allows us to share the inspiring stories behind each cup, connecting consumers with the hard work, passion, and dedication of the farmers who grow the coffee.

The Tale of Two Intertwined Lands

In the cradle of coffee's birth, Ethiopia and Yemen, the land of Sheba, share an extraordinary coffee culture. Centuries of tradition from Ethiopia's coffee ceremonies to Yemen's iconic coffee houses intertwine, evoking the magic of coffee's origins.

Sip from the Same Cup of History

Where the aroma of unity binds two lands in the spirit of the Queen of Sheba. Sheba’s latest offering provides a deeper insight into the historical and cultural connection between Ethiopia and Yemen.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Infrastructure Development: We actively engage inprojects to improve infrastructure in rural areas, particularly focusing onpaving rain-ruined roads that connect remote villages like Al-Abar and Anis. we aim to facilitate the movement of coffee and provide better connectivity forlocal communities.

Agricultural Support: We have an in-house agronomist whoworks closely with farmers to educate and assist them in taking care of theircrops. Our team continuously travels to rural areas, providing guidance on bestpractices, disease prevention, and insect infestation management.

Water Conservation: In collaboration with PRAGMA NGO, we have implemented waterirrigation systems in several farms. These systems help preserve waterresources within the regions, ensuring sustainable irrigation practices andminimizing water wastage.

Community Support: We extend our support beyondcoffee farming by assisting farmers and community members facing health-relatedchallenges. We provide financial aid for medical requirements, ensuring theyreceive the necessary care. Additionally, we connect individuals withcharitable foundations that can provide ongoing support.

Collaborations withNGOs and INGOs: Sheba Coffee has partnered with NGOs such as SMEPS and PRAGMAto enhance the impact of our projects. Through these collaborations, weleverage their expertise, resources, and networks to maximize the positiveoutcomes of our initiatives. Furthermore, we work closely with international organizations like the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), benefiting fromtheir global insights and support in advancing sustainable agriculturepractices.

Working With Oritain

Yemeni coffee farmers face significant challenges due to the ongoing war and lack of support from government agencies. The absence of proper infrastructure makes it extremely difficult to ensure plant security and protect the coffee crops. This results in, Yemen currently exporting more coffee annually than it grows, as neighboring countries import inferior coffee and re-export it as Yemeni for higher profits. This unfair competition and market undercutting pose a threat to Yemeni suppliers.

The Project:
To address these issues, Sheba Coffee has formed a partnership with Oritain, a global leader in product verification. Together, we aim to map Yemen's coffee regions, enhance plant security, and improve the livelihoods of farmers. Over the next three harvests, Sheba’s dedicated and trained team will collect 500 samples from Yemen’s 15 coffee producing governates. This will be no easy task, with many coffee producers located in unstable and remote locations.

Once the samples are collected, they are sent to Oritain lab for analysis. Using their secure and peer-reviewed methodology called isotope ratio mass spectrometry, the result will lead to the creation of a reliable reference database, providing essential data for plant security, transparency in the audit trail, and offering effective remedies for commercial dispute resolution.
By establishing this comprehensive verification system, Sheba Coffee aims to add value for all Yemeni coffee exporters, regardless of their size or interests. This project will strengthen the credibility of Yemeni coffee in the global market, protect the interests of farmers, and contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the Yemeni coffee industry.

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