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2022 Private Auction

Congratulations To Our Winners!

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Super Natural Fermentation

Our Supernatural lots are rich with intense flavours of rose, florals and blueberry...

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Single Anaerobic Fermentation

Our Single Anaerobic Fermented coffee bursts with...

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Double Anaerobic Fermentation

The extended fermentation and selected terroir of our...

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The Hidden Gems of Yemen: A labour of Love 

In 2022, we were excited to present The Hidden Gems of Yemen: A Labour of Love; the next inception in experimental coffee processing. After three years trailing hundreds of experimental processing methods, Sheba Coffee’s team in Yemen have cracked the code. The result is 18 extraordinary coffees, each scoring 89+ points. By applying innovative techniques, this year’s auction focused on enhancing the sensory experience behind each coffee, creating value for the producer whilst maintaining the inherent cup profile that each region represents.

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The Hidden Gems of Yemen