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Single Anaerobic Fermentation


Cup Profiles

Our Single Anaerobic Fermented coffee bursts with juicy mango, dried tropical fruits and blackberry notes. Sweet brown spice and a cara- mel base complement the fruit, leading to a silky mouth feel and lengthenedafter-taste.

For Sheba Coffee’s Single Anaerobic Fermented coffees, as soon as the cherries have been cleaned, they are immediately placed into hermetic bags to ferment for a short period. Once complete, the cherries are placed on to our greenhouse’s raised beds to dry over a long period.

The semi-dried cherries are removed from the greenhouse to complete the drying process under direct sunlight. Here, the beans are regularly turned, helping to stabilise the moisture of the coffee.

Finally, when a reading of 12% moisture is recorded, the dried cherry is collected and bagged, ready to be milled.

Mohamed Ali Moh. Al Suhami

[Auction Lot: 09/Single Anaerobic] Lot Size: 48.00 KG - 105.00 LBS Cup Score: 89.75 | Sheba Code: HZ/30/22 - Single Producer| Fermentation Code: RB Region: Haraz | Village: Bait Al Qanees | Altitude: 2000 masl | Cultivar: Jadi | Drying Days: 20- 25 days Flavour Profile Strawberry, blackberry, caramel Strawberry and chocolate in the fragrance. Flavours of milk chocolate, blackberries and extended fermentation notes sit over a positive sweet brown spice and caramel base. The acidity holds through cooling, supporting the structure to a long finish. Traceability Information Situated at 2000 meters above sea level, Mohamed Ali Moh. Al Suhami’s...

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Ameen Ghaleb Al Duram

[Auction Lot: 08/Single Anaerobic] Lot Size: 40.00 KG - 88.00 LBS Cup Score: 91.25 | Sheba Code: HZ/33/22 - Single Producer| Fermentation Code: RB Region: Haraz | Village: Al-Durm | Altitude: 1900 masl | Cultivar: Jadi | Drying Days: 20- 25 days Flavour Profile Mango, dried tropical fruit, brown spice Dates, chocolate and prune notes in the fragrance. Flavours of plush mango, dried tropical fruit and berry notes combine over a very sweet caramel like base. Further flavours of raisin, coffee fruit and sweet brown spice are present as the coffee cools. The mouth feel is silky in texture, with...

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