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Mohamed Ali Moh. Al Suhami

[Auction Lot: 09/Single Anaerobic]

Lot Size: 48.00 KG - 105.00 LBS

Cup Score: 89.75 | Sheba Code: HZ/30/22 - Single Producer| Fermentation Code: RB

Region: Haraz | Village: Bait Al Qanees | Altitude: 2000 masl | Cultivar: Jadi | Drying Days: 20- 25 days

Flavour Profile

Strawberry, blackberry, caramel
Strawberry and chocolate in the fragrance. Flavours of milk chocolate, blackberries and extended fermentation notes sit over a positive sweet brown spice and caramel base. The acidity holds through cooling, supporting the structure to a long finish.

Traceability Information

Situated at 2000 meters above sea level, Mohamed Ali Moh. Al Suhami’s farm is one of the highest in the region. Thanks to the help of the terroir, and his family, Mohamed, aged 46, can maintain his profession as a teacher, and still produce some of the best coffees the region has to offer.
Located in the town of Bait AL Qanees, Haraz, Sana’a Governorate, coffee is the primary crop for Mohamed’s modest farm, alongside a selection of vegetables grown for his kitchen. As coffee is Mohamed’s primary crop, Mohamed and his teenage children work hard to maintain the health of their coffee trees, to improve yields and the optimum quality of their crop. Mohamed’s family are assisted by an ox and two cows, enabling him to plough, and to provide plentiful organic fertiliser.
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