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Ameen Ghaleb Al Duram

[Auction Lot: 08/Single Anaerobic]

Lot Size: 40.00 KG - 88.00 LBS

Cup Score: 91.25 | Sheba Code: HZ/33/22 - Single Producer| Fermentation Code: RB

Region: Haraz | Village: Al-Durm | Altitude: 1900 masl | Cultivar: Jadi | Drying Days: 20- 25 days

Flavour Profile

Mango, dried tropical fruit, brown spice
Dates, chocolate and prune notes in the fragrance. Flavours of plush mango, dried tropical fruit and berry notes combine over a very sweet caramel like base. Further flavours of raisin, coffee fruit and sweet brown spice are present as the coffee cools. The mouth feel is silky in texture, with a long after-taste.

Traceability Information

Located in Al Durm, Haraz, Sana’a Governorate, Amin Ghaleb Al-Duram, aged 50, is dedicated to producing high quality coffee. So much so, Amin and his five sons, all of whom work on their father’s farms, source organic fertiliser from some 189km away in the region of Tihama.
As Amin and his family rely heavily on the income from their coffee crop, increasing both the quantity and yield greatly benefits Amin’s family, making the distance travelled for the organic fertiliser well worth the trip. Although coffee is the focal point of Amin’s farm, the family also produce a modest crop of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes.
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