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Collective Almashab

Auction Lot Code: 16

Cupping Score: 89.5 | Sheba Code: SN/14/22 - Collective Lot | Fermentation Code: RB-S

Flavour Profile
White chocolate, blueberry, chamomile

Blueberries and chocolate in the fragrance. A layered, complex and high quality coffee. Over a white chocolate base, flavours of blueberry, chamomile, cherry and orange citrus combine, supported by a positive sweetness and structured, complex acidity. The mouth feel is rounded and silky from hot through to cool.

Lot Size: 63.00 KG - 138.00 LBS

Region: Ibb | Village: Al-mashab | Altitude: 2000 masl | Cultivar: Udaini | Drying Days: 35- 40 days

Traceability Information

Characterised by its moderate climate and high altitudes reaching 2000 meters above sea level, the district of Al-Qafr, located within the governate of Ibb, is a key coffee producing space in the region. The village of Al-Mashab, from where this lot hails, is a classic location, where residents regularly produce some of the region’s top lots.

Although the area makes for perfect coffee growing conditions, a wide range of crops, trees and plants flourish here, including barley, corn, cedar and Samar flowers, used locally for fragrant honey production. Due to the climate, many farmers in the region depend on natural springs and wells, known locally as water “ghouls”, to provide water for their crops. To create such a high scoring lot, Sheba’s team in Yemen cup through each sample received, no matter how modest the size, making sure to create the perfect balance in the cup. For this lot, 7 farms have been selected to form this high quality coffee.

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