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Collective Masar

Auction Lot Code: 14

Cupping Score: 89.5 | Sheba Code: HZ/31/22 - Collective Lot | Fermentation Code: RB-S

Flavour Profile
Milk chocolate, grapes, ripe banana

Grapes, chocolate and floral notes in the fragrance. Layered flavours from hot to cold of florals, orange citrus and milk chocolate. Bold ripe banana and winey notes build as the coffee cools, opening the flavour profile up to an exotic and silky coffee.

Lot Size: 34.50 KG - 76.00 LBS

Region: Haraz | Village: Jabal Masar | Altitude: 1900 masl | Cultivar: Jadi | Drying Days: 35- 40 days

Traceability Information

Amongst the most famous regions in Yemen for quality coffee production, Masar is home to fertile soils and wide green areas stretching as far as the eye can see. Located in the Manakhah/Haraz District, Sana’a Governorate, the name Masar relates to the mountain on which these coffee farmers are situated. At its peak, the Masar Mountain reaches 2,700 meters above sea level: although farms on Masar fall short of reaching the top, it is perhaps no surprise selected producers working these highland coffee terraces are synonymous with some of the best examples Yemen has to offer.

For many producers in the region, total coffee production may only result in a few kilos of green beans per harvest. To create such a high scoring lot, Sheba’s team in Yemen cup through each sample received, no matter the size, making sure to identify perfect balance in the cup. For this particular coffee, 6 farms were selected

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