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Hamoud Abdullah AL-Khisheni

[Auction Lot: 02/Super Natural]

Lot Size: 32.50 KG - 71.00 LBS

Cup Score: 91
Sheba Code: HY/32/22
Single Producer
Fermentation Code: S

Region: Al Hayma
Village: Bait Hujairah
Altitude: 2200 masl
Cultivar: Udaini
Drying Days: 25- 30 days

Flavour Profile

Elderflower, plum, rose

Floral, peach, plums and vanilla in the fragrance. Plush, intense rose, plum and blueberry notes layer over dried apricots, caramel and spice. A prominent sweetness balances the complex and refined acidity structure on a medium to long finish. The coffee improves through cooling with the sweetness holding throughout.

Traceability Information

At the age of 70, Hamoud Abdullah AL-Khisheni is regarded as the most experienced coffee producer in the Al Hayma region. Hamoud is always eager to show support, often providing advice and guidance to nearby producers. Hamoud has a close relationship with Naji Hussain Ahsen Al-Jaberi, another entry in this year’s Sheba auction, as they compete to produce high-quality coffee.

Hamoud has spent nearly his whole life producing coffee. Having first learnt cultivation techniques from his father, Abdullah, Hamoud hopes to pass these traditions to his four sons, two of which assist him on his farm. As well as coffee, Hamoud grows a selection of crops reserved for feeding his family, such as corn, barley, and a variety of legumes.

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