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Abdulwali Abadi

Auction Lot 4
Sheba Code: AN-39
Cupping Score: 89.75
Single Farmer Lot
Cupping Notes/Profile: An elegant and complex coffee with subtlety and nuance. Flavours of Rosehip, Cranberry and Honey lead onto Apricot, Sweet Spice and Citrus. The coffee in medium in intensity but has persistence. A structured complex acidity holds the coffee together and the body is light, and tea-like in nature.
Lot Size: 143 lbs / 65 kg
Region: Anis
Village: Kuraba
Altitude: 2150 masl
Cultivar: Udaini
Drying Days: 2-3 weeks
Drying Process: Natural

Abdulwali has been farming his 25 libna land since childhood. He is active in the local community, educating farmers about best practices in pre and post harvesting methods. His coffee crop helps him to support his siblings, spouses and children.
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