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Wadi Hisn Mukhtar

Auction Lot 6
Sheba Code: Q-40
Cupping Score: 88.0
Collective Lot
Cupping Notes/Profile: Caramel, Maple Syrup and Berry Aromas follow through to further flavours of Cranberry, Hibiscus and Orange Citrus. This is a delicate high quality cup with a unique flavour profile. The coffee is clean with a low intensity, a juicy mouthfeel and medium persistence. Taste balance is high sweet, low bitter and low intensity, positive acidity.
Lot Size: 198 lbs / 90 kg
Region: Ibb
Village: Hisn Mukhtar
Altitude: 2100 masl
Cultivar: Udaini
Drying Days: 2-3 weeks
Drying Process: Natural

Located 2100 meters above sea level and with temperatures fluctuating between 25ºC to 9ºC; a different profile has developed within this area. We have adapted our processing techniques to the warmer temperatures and longer sun exposure of 8 hours creating an outstanding and very differentiated profile.
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