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Abdullah Rashed Mohammed Al-Jaberi

[Auction Lot: Hayma/05]
Sheba Code: HY/22/02
Cupping Score: 90.50
Single Farmer Lot
Cupping Notes/Profile: Bold blueberry, strawberry and milk chocolate flavours combine with a mandarin-like complex acidity. The acidity cools to a more lactic-like profile and a dense creaminess enhances this. Overall sweet which provides balance through cooling.
Lot Size: 99 lbs / 45 kg
Region: Al Hayma
Village: Al Mahjar
Altitude: 2250 masl
Cultivar: Udaini
Drying Days: 2-3 weeks
Drying Process: Natural
Abdullah is one of the elderly members of his village and has worked as a civil servant for more than 20 years. late in 2012, due to the economic hardships and the suspension of salaries, Abdullah returned to his village to start farming his 24 libna coffee farm. Along with his relatives, they have produced this high quality coffee.
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