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Mohamed Ali Moh. Al Suhami

[Auction Lot: Haraz/09]
Sheba Code: HZ/30/01
Cupping Score: 88.0
Single Farmer Lot
Cupping Notes/Profile: A clean and crisp coffee with primary Flavours of citrus, and blueberry. Underlying date and maple syrup-like flavours add balance. Some grapefruit and cacao nib are also present. Viscous and juicy in texture; this coffee has SL28-like qualities and cools well.
Lot Size: 79 lbs / 36 kg
Region: Haraz
Village: Bait Al Qanees
Altitude: 2000 masl
Cultivar: Jadi
Drying Days: 2-3 weeks
Drying Process: Natural

Mohamed Al Suhami worked as a teacher and a contractor for more than 20 years in the city of Sana’a. When he was young, he use to support his family in the fields. Today he is back to coffee farming, and it is his main and only source of income.
Mohamed's rediscovered passion for coffee has helped him produce this  delicious coffee from his family's farm.
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