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Yemen - Ahmed Ali Yahya Al Jabri

Village Madar
Region Ibb
Variety Udaini
Process Anaerobic Natural
Altitude 1900 meters above sea level
Tasting Notes Grapefruit, brown sugar, dried dates
Ahmed Al-Jabri is a farmer from Madar, Al-Sana, Al-Qafr District, Ibb Governorate. Ahmed is 75 years old. Ahmed has eight children. Ahmed owns two farms. Ahmed waters coffee trees from wells. Ahmed Al-Jabri competes with Ahmed Al-Bukhaiti to produce the best coffee crop. They visit each other from time to time. They discuss and consult each other on ways to grow coffee and take care of trees. Ahmed Al-Jabri is very happy because he is sure that his tree is better than the trees of his competitor Ahmed Al-Bukhaiti
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