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Yemen - Ameen Ghaleb Al Duram

Village Al Durm
Region Haraz
Variety Jadi
Process Anaerobic Natural
Altitude 1900 meters above sea level
Tasting Notes Raspberry jam, Blueberry, Winey


Sourced from the outskirts of the Governorate of Sana’a, Haraz is one of the most celebrated coffee-producing regions in Yemen. Known for its beautiful landscapes, Haraz is often referred to as ‘the land above the clouds’ due to its extraordinary altitudes.

Ameen Ghaleb Al-Darm, aged 50, is dedicated to producing high quality coffee. So much so, Ameen and his family, all of whom work together on their father’s farms, source his organic fertiliser from some 189km away in the region of Tihama.

As Ameen and his family rely heavily on the income from their coffee crop, increasing both the quantity and yield of produce greatly benefits Ameen’s family, making the distance travelled for the fertiliser’s high levels of nutrients well worth the trip. Although coffee is the focal point of Ameen’s farm, the family also produce a modest crop of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes.

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