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Yemen - Collective Al Mahjar & Bait Hujairah

Village Al Mahjar & Bait Hujairah
Region Al Hayma
Variety Udaini
Process Natural Mixed Fermentation
Altitude 2200 meters above sea level
Tasting Notes Cotton candy, Blackberries, Banana


Situated at 2200 meters above sea level, producers in the Mikhlaf Al-Rub’ area are blessed by high altitudes and fertile soils. Both towns of Wadi Bait-Hujairah and Al Mahjar are located with Mikhlaf Al-Rub’ and are known for their high-quality coffee production

Al-Hayma is a region located on the outskirts of the Governorate of Sana’a. This region is far from green and verdant, being primarily arid with a harsh climate and a tremendous average altitude of 2250 meters above sea level. The harvest season in this remote mountainous region is always the last in Yemen, as the cherries require significant time to reach optimal ripeness.

Wadi Al-Mahjar is a small valley located within Al-Hayma. Not only is the region is known for its ancient history of coffee production, but also for its substantial numbers of high scoring lots. Of the 12 lots from Al Hayma featured in Sheba's 2021 Gems of Yemen Auction, 11 were notably from Wadi Al-Mahjar.

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