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Naji Ahmed Ahsen Al-Salami

[Auction Lot: 05/Super Natural]

Lot Size: 42.50 KG - 93.00 LBS

Cup Score: 90
Sheba Code: HY/34/22
Single Producer
Fermentation Code: S

Region: Al Hayma
Village: Bait Hujairah
Altitude: 2200 masl
Cultivar: Udaini
Drying Days: 25- 30 days

Flavour Profile

Dried mango, dates, cherry

Peach and floral in fragrance. The coffee displays a complex flavour profile with notes of dried mango, dates, cherry and honey over a brown spice and chocolate base. This coffee is clean, sweet and has an integrated acidity. The mouth feel starts buttery and full and holds through cooling.

Traceability Information

Although Naji Ahmed Ahsan Al-Salami grows a wide variety of vegetables and legumes across his 5 farms, coffee cultivation is where Naji focuses most of his time.

Located in the village of Bait Hujairah, Al Hayma region, Naji first learned cultivation techniques as a child from his late father, Ahmed Ahsan. Ahmed is well remembered as a veteran coffee producer in the region, with many of his famed techniques still employed by Naji today. Now aged 57, Naji is passing these traditions to his six sons, Bashar, Ahmad, Ghamdan, Muhammad, Qaid and Uday, all of whom work on their fathers’ farms.

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