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Eastern Haraz Collective

[Auction Lot: Haraz/03]
Sheba Code: HZ/22/01
Cupping Score: 90.25
Collective Lot
Cupping Notes/Profile: Strawberry and violets in the fragrance. Violets, mango, pineapple, stone fruits, and peach yogurt in the flavour. Caramel in the aftertaste, with a sweet lingering finish. The body is medium with a velvety mouthfeel. The complex malic, tartaric, and lactic acid components complement the sweetness in the cup. The coffee maintains its sweetness and complexity throughout the cup and gains honey flavours as it cools down. It is a stellar coffee, surprising with its complexity, sweetness, and elegant body and especially with its capacity to maintain remarkable notes as it cools down.
Lot Size: 59 lbs / 27 kg
Region: Haraz
Village: East Haraz
Altitude: 1900 masl
Cultivar: Jadi
Drying Days: 2-3 weeks
Drying Process: Natural
Eastern Haraz is located within the governate of Sana’a; it is one of the most developed coffee regions in the country. It sits at an altitude of 1900 and has temperatures ranging from 16ºC to 8ºC.
The coffee trees within Eastern Haraz receive an average sun exposure of 6 hours per day. A very remarkable and unique profile has developed within this region as shown in this very sweet cup of coffee.
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